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 Custom Aptamers

Need new aptamers? We offer complete solutions for custom aptamers using our proprietary screening methods and bioinformatic approach.

 Functional Nucleic Acids

Functional Nucleic Acids (FNAs) are single-stranded DNA or RNA molecules with extraordinary functions. See how they can benefit your research!

In vitro Selection Kits

Perform your own selection experiments! Want to create a simple sensor? We also carry ANDzymeTM selection kits to isolate target-dependent fluorescent probes.

Our Research Platform

Our research interest is to investigate unusual functions of nucleic acids with often surprising properties. We examine DNA or RNA not for its recognized role as the materials to store and transmit genetic information, but rather for its less-known utility as a simple polymer to carry out catalytic and binding functions. It has been well demonstrated that nucleic acids can act as enzymes (ribozymes and DNAzymes) and receptors (aptamers and riboswitches). Our motivation is to exploit these unique molecules in developing novel molecular tools for detection of bacterial pathogens

Over the past six years, we have developed many DNA-based probes targeting a wide-range of bacteria that have been implicated in many deadly diseases. When this initiative first began, it was an academic theory exploring the boundaries of bioanalytical sciences. This ambition yielded novel molecular probes that have tremendous applications in healthcare and life sciences. The early, intuitive and cost-effective detection of infectious diseases is of utmost importance, especially in developing countries. Our research objective is to alleviate the current burden of pathogen detection through the development of affordable screening tests and simplified diagnostic strategies.

How Can We Help You?

Whether it is finding new aptamers or designing biosensors using nucleic acids, we can help. Our team of experts have more than 20 years of research experience in Functional Nucleic Acids. With over 150 peer-reviewed publication and 10 patents surrounding the study of aptamers and catalytic DNA, we are certain we can provide you with the help you need. If you have any inquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to let us know! Contact Us