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Our Products: In vitro Selection Kits
Our in vitro selection (or SELEX) kits are designed to provide all the necessary starting reagents for you to begin your own aptamer or DNAzyme identification experiments. General aptamer screening services are a great way to obtain new aptamers, however, do not provide you with the flexibility of experimenting with new techniques. If you have access to standard laboratory equipment found in a molecular biology facility, then you have the  option of performing your own in vitro selection experiments! Our validated libraries were made to increase success of your in vitro selection by avoiding common pitfalls that often prevent aptamer identification. 

Why use an in vitro selection kit?
  • Use any target you are interested in for in vitro selection
  • Have full control of experimental design to isolate aptamers that best suit your specific applications
  • Direct access to established protocols for obtaining aptamers and DNAzymes
  • All reagents validated and optimized specifically for in vitro selection
  • Directly compatible with Optional Supplementary kits for Next-generation sequencing
 There are two types of in vitro selection kits: Aptamer and ANDzymesTM. Aptamers are molecular receptors that are commonly known and often referenced in literature. ANDzymesTM are our proprietary recognition platform designed specifically to be used as sensors. You can learn more about ANDzymesTM

Before you begin:

Starting an in vitro selection experiment can be a daunting task. Complex multi-step protocols with a plethora of variables to consider in every cycle of selection. If this is your first time attempting to perform in vitro selection, we highly recommend reading our technical resource section as we break down several key concepts that can have a significant impact on your selection outcome. Here are some suggested readings before you begin:

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