Aptamer Selection

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Aptamers have immense potential for their application in therapeutics and diagnostics. They are often compared to antibodies due to their recognition properties, however aptamers have distinct features that make them the superior choice in certain applications. Although aptamers can recognize and bind specific target ligands ranging from small molecules to proteins and even whole cells. The current in vitro selection kit is designed to optimally target proteins.

Features and Benefits:
  • Screen for aptamers against any protein
  • All reagents validated and optimized for in vitro selection
  • Primers designed to maximize enrichment and reduce cross-reactivity
  • In-depth protocols and guides to avoid common pitfalls and maximize success
  • Directly compatible with Optional Supplementary kits for Next-generation sequencing
    • All Aptamer Starter Kits come with a 10% discount towards NGS Primers and sequencing!
NOTE: If you are familiar with the in vitro selection process, our Aptamer Core Library kit will include the necessary components to begin your experiments. However, aptamer selection requires that you immobilize your target onto a solid support. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. 
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In vitro Selection Starter Kit for isolating aptamers with a 30 nucleotide randomized region
In vitro Selection Starter Kit for isolating aptamers with a 40 nucleotide randomized region
In vitro Selection Starter Kit for isolating aptamers with a 50 nucleotide randomized region
An initial library with a 30-nucleotide randomized region
An initial library with a 40-nucleotide randomized region
An initial library with a 50-nucleotide randomized region
Additional modified and unmodified primers for amplification of aptamer libraries
Standard buffering, salts, and cofactors used for isolating aptamers