Aptamer Selection Starter Kit with N40 Library

In vitro Selection Starter Kit for isolating aptamers with a 40 nucleotide randomized region
Price: $365.00
Aptamer Selection Starter Kit with N40 Library
Aptamer Selection Starter Kit with N40 Library
Product Details
Aptamers are single-stranded DNA (or RNA) molecules that can recognize and bind specific target ligands ranging from small molecules to proteins and even whole cells. They are often referred to as the nucleic acid equivalent of antibodies. The advantages of using aptamers over antibodies have made them grow in popularity over the past few years. Generally, every selection experiment requires 10-15 cycles of screening. Our aptamer selection kits provide all the necessary reagents for 20 cycles of in vitro selection.

Features and Benefits:
  • All reagents validated and optimized specifically for in vitro selection 
  • Primers designed to maximize enrichment and to reduce cross-reactivity
  • Direct access to established protocols for obtaining aptamers
  • Directly compatible with Optional Supplementary kits for Next-generation sequencing

List of Materials: 
IVS Library, Modified DNA Primers, 2x Loading Buffer. 


All reagents should be stored at -20°C

Library ID: 
The library ID is used to identify the in vitro selection primer set. WARNING: If you are performing more than one in vitro selection experiment or have previously ordered from us, it is HIGHLY recommended that a different library ID is used to prevent cross contamination. 

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